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08 October 2022

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The messenger, still holding the flagpole in his hand, felt that the'Eight Princes' were even more majestic than the King of the Tang Dynasty: "Still, no news has come yet." "Find out again." Before long, different news gradually came, giving Gu Shuangxian the clearest development of the situation. Baiyun Peak avalanche, heavy snow mixed with soil and stones rolled down from the highest peak, like the momentum of the wind and waves hit a large area of the peak forest. Only Gu Shuangxian knew the route of Tang and others, and suddenly heard that the whole person was as anxious as an ant. There was no way to ask whether Xia Lingshu had been rescued or where she had fled, and no way to ask whether she was still alive. Just like for so many years, he dared not think about whether Xia Lingshu had a life, whether she was humiliated, whether. Her heart was so cold that she couldn't wait for him to save her. He is not unwilling to save people, but how to save, how to save, and who to save. National affairs, family affairs, everything concerns. He was an emperor, and he could not leave his post without permission, nor could he gamble with the lives of the people of the whole country on the safety of a woman. On the one hand, he set out to balance the neighboring countries and show the strength of the wild goose country with a soft attitude; on the other hand, he killed the enemies who dared to provoke the authority of the wild goose country by means of thunder; On the other hand, the more powerful the country is, the more dangerous he is. The security in the imperial city is getting stricter and stricter. All the people in the palace are being rectified. All the connections that Xie Chen has managed for many years are being removed. At the same time, there is a big purge of spies all over the country. He did not want to wait until Xia Lingshu came back, but he was not there. He closed his eyes, exhaled deeply and inhaled again. The messenger outside reported again: "The barracks attacked by the general were also affected by the avalanche. I don't know the casualties, life and death.." The little soldier swallowed his saliva. "All the news is broken." His eyes were black,tin beneficiation plant, his brain was buzzing, and he was almost stunned. Everyone.. Including Ding Tang Wang, Tang, Gong forget, and his Ling Shu. With a sharp pain in his heart, he fell down on the big tiger-skin chair and could not recover for a long time. In the world, any woman is a burden, a burden, and a curse. Look at the disaster of the Wild Goose Dynasty, which not only caused the war between the two countries,mineral flotation, but also caused the anger of the Lord of Heaven. After burying most of my soldiers, you were left alive. King Dingtang rode forward swearing while avoiding the rolling snow behind him. Xia Lingshu held her breath and drove her horse to run. No one thought that after Tang Jin threw her to the king of Tang, he ran to his father without looking back. She thought of the man in black who had met him once, and she could not help feeling sad. Human life, one moment is strong and invincible, the next moment is buried under the anger of the gods, how fragile. Behind them, there were many soldiers running on horseback. Farther away, the largest barracks in the snow country, the most invincible soldiers, were all buried by this sudden avalanche, it can be said that the Lord of Heaven helped the wild goose Dynasty, but countless people came to hold a memorial ceremony for this victory. Ding Tang Wang has been riding on a horse, running fast, Xia Lingshu was directly thrown by Tang Jin to another horse beside him, the two ran for their lives side by side, embarrassed and exciting. The sound of the wind, the sound of the snow, the roar of the earth, people's screams, Carbon in Pulp ,chrome washing machine, where they pass, sound into the ears, inspiring people's hearts and souls. Ahead, under the crag. Xia Lingshu shouted, and then jerked a whip, the ground shook, the horse ran too fast, the whole leap up. Her cheeks tingled, her hood was blown up by the wind, and her long black braids, like a black iron chain that locked her soul, pulled her firmly between the muddy world. When she landed, her back hit the wall of the stone peak seam, and the pain made her hum. Her arm was heavy again, and the king of Tang also rolled to her side. His horse was drowned by the slush coming from the rage, and his head was swallowed up after struggling in the snow. Xia Lingshu shrank her body, hiding in the gap that was not wide enough, her heart beating in her ears, and the scene of Gu Shuangxian carrying Gu Qintian under the pear tree flashed quickly in front of her eyes. At that time, they should be the most harmonious and warm moment in their life. Unfortunately, the time was too short, and she had lost it before she came to be grateful. Her body was trembling, her ears were roaring, and her skin was constantly covered with snow mixed with fine stones and sticky mud, which made her feel painful, but it was evidence of life. King Ding Tang suddenly dragged her behind him, shielding her from all the impact with his broad back. In his panic, even the hood of her cloak was covered by her, and the whole person pushed her deeper into the stone crevice. Perhaps after a long time, perhaps also a cup of tea, when Xia Lingshu opened her eyes, in addition to the cold armor of the Tang King, the rest are snowdrifts and stones. She struggled to move twice, feeling the aftershocks on the soles of her feet getting farther and farther away, her fingertips tingling and recovering, and her breathing getting shorter and shorter. She laboriously went to presume Tang Wang, the other side moved a minute, she went to kick the surrounding snow again. Not long after the avalanche passed, the snowflakes had not yet condensed, and it was not long before she saw the blackened night sky, took two breaths of cold air, and climbed out of the gap. The snow was so thick that he fiddled with it a little, revealing the red silk sash on King Dingtang's helmet. This man, though tit for tat with her for many years, had the style of a man at the critical moment and protected the weak woman. For this reason alone, Xia Lingshu looked at him with new eyes. Of course, there will be no mercy when it comes to calculating him in the future, but there will be a little room left, just a little bit as small as a fingernail. King Tang's face was already frozen stiff. She used her helmet to remove some of the snow from his body and slapped him in the face. When he woke up, she said, "Climb out by yourself." "My leg is pinned down," said King Dingtang. "Are you lame?" Asked Xia Lingshu. King Ding Tang said angrily, "Don't daydream." Xia Lingshu smiled, "Then climb out by yourself. I'm a little girl, but I can't pull you, a big man." Ding Tang Wang also does not need him to pull, a queen, a prince, pull pull from how decent. His leg was injured by the riprap, the blood was frozen, Xia Lingshu gave him a simple bandage. Neither of the two horses was so lucky that they were all buried by the snow. Walk down the hill. The avalanche has just passed,portable gold wash plant, and the wild animals in the mountain forest will not come and go for the time being. Let's go before dawn. King Ding Tang was furious. "The king is wounded. How can I get there?" Xia Lingshu looked at the flat snowy road and said with a smile, "Then I'll go. When I find someone, they'll carry you down the mountain." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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